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Beautiful, feminine, soft & lacy to a little more bold & racy the Elusive Lingerie Intimates Collection is filled with a range of Babydoll styles, Cami & Short Sets & Robes to encourage a little more self confidence, no matter whether you are wearing these opulent pieces for yourself or surprising that someone special!

This is lingerie for women who love to enjoy what they wear, a beautiful, fun collection encouraging a little more romance and feel good in your everyday life!

Shop our curated range from the worlds favourite lingerie brands & experts.


Charmel Baby DollCharmel Baby Doll
Charmel Baby Doll Sale price$115.00
Terry Lace Baby DollTerry Lace Baby Doll
Terry Lace Baby Doll Sale price$115.00
Selina RobeSelina Robe
Selina Robe Sale price$120.00
Selina RobeSelina Robe
Selina Robe Sale price$120.00
Sera Lace RobeSera Lace Robe
Sera Lace Robe Sale price$125.00
Elianes BabydollElianes Babydoll
Elianes Babydoll Sale price$115.00
Lacelove BabydollLacelove Babydoll
Lacelove Babydoll Sale price$115.00
Lovlea Baby DollLovlea Baby Doll
Lovlea Baby Doll Sale price$115.00
Maya Shimmer Lace Baby DollMaya Shimmer Lace Baby Doll
Maya Shimmer Lace Baby Doll Sale price$115.00
Bluebella Baby DollBluebella Baby Doll
Bluebella Baby Doll Sale price$115.00
Selina RobeSelina Robe
Selina Robe Sale price$120.00
Leila Lace RobeLeila Lace Robe
Leila Lace Robe Sale price$120.00
Chilisa BabydollChilisa Babydoll
Chilisa Babydoll Sale price$115.00
Baccara Baby DollBaccara Baby Doll
Baccara Baby Doll Sale price$115.00
Sensuelia Satin RobeSensuelia Satin Robe
Sensuelia Satin Robe Sale price$120.00
Romanesa RobeRomanesa Robe
Romanesa Robe Sale price$120.00
Renelia BabydollRenelia Babydoll
Renelia Babydoll Sale price$115.00
Lumi BabydollLumi Babydoll
Lumi Babydoll Sale price$100.00
Raelyn BabydollRaelyn Babydoll
Raelyn Babydoll Sale price$120.00
Holli RobeHolli Robe
Holli Robe Sale price$120.00
Chloe Satin Kimono RobeChloe Satin Kimono Robe
Chloe Satin Kimono Robe Sale price$120.00
Bella Satin Lace Baby DollBella Satin Lace Baby Doll
Bella Satin Lace Baby Doll Sale price$115.00