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Isn't it about time you brought a little luxury into your everyday life?

Detailed and fashionable, Elusive Luxury Lingerie is filled with beautifully designed bras, briefs and strings, bodysuits, bralettes, corsets, garter-belts, robes and so much more!

Each of these designs are perfect for everyday wear but with touches of fashion detailing and confidence building sass.

If you have ever wanted your lingerie to say a little more about you then our Luxury Collection is the one for you!

Shop our curated range from the worlds favourite lingerie brands & experts.


Blue Lagoon Brazilian StringBlue Lagoon Brazilian String
Deep blue push up bra with gold floral embroidery for extra glamourBlue Lagoon Push Up Bra
Blue Lagoon Push Up Bra Sale price$115.00
Blue Lagoon StringBlue Lagoon String
Blue Lagoon String Sale price$55.00
Comfortable bralette style in black soft laceSophia Soft Bralette
Sophia Soft Bralette Sale price$105.00
Sophia StringSophia String
Sophia String Sale price$60.00
Euphoria BodysuitEuphoria Bodysuit
Euphoria Bodysuit Sale price$120.00
Capri Semi CorsetCapri Semi Corset
Capri Semi Corset Sale price$115.00
Capri StringCapri String
Capri String Sale price$55.00
Harmony Half Padded BraHarmony Half Padded Bra
Harmony Half Padded Bra Sale price$110.00
Clio StringClio String
Clio String Sale price$55.00
Sapphire Soft BraSapphire Soft Bra
Sapphire Soft Bra Sale price$110.00
Fiore Soft BraFiore Soft Bra
Fiore Soft Bra Sale price$110.00
Helene Soft BraHelene Soft Bra
Helene Soft Bra Sale price$110.00
Pamela Soft BraPamela Soft Bra
Pamela Soft Bra Sale price$110.00
Clio Soft BraletteClio Soft Bralette
Clio Soft Bralette Sale price$105.00
Harmony Soft BraHarmony Soft Bra
Harmony Soft Bra Sale price$110.00
Luna Push Up BraLuna Push Up Bra
Luna Push Up Bra Sale price$115.00
Luna BriefLuna Brief
Luna Brief Sale price$60.00
Sienna Soft BraSienna Soft Bra
Sienna Soft Bra Sale price$110.00
Sienna GarterSienna Garter
Sienna Garter Sale price$85.00
Sienna StringSienna String
Sienna String Sale price$55.00
Playful Ava corset bra in ice blueAva Corset Bra
Ava Corset Bra Sale price$115.00
Ava StringAva String
Ava String Sale price$55.00
Harper Soft BraHarper Soft Bra
Harper Soft Bra Sale price$110.00
Harper BriefHarper Brief
Harper Brief Sale price$60.00
Vera Push Up BraVera Push Up Bra
Vera Push Up Bra Sale price$120.00
Vera BriefVera Brief
Vera Brief Sale price$60.00
Vera StringVera String
Vera String Sale price$55.00
Penny Soft BraPenny Soft Bra
Penny Soft Bra Sale price$110.00
Penny StringPenny String
Penny String Sale price$55.00
Brooklyn Soft BraBrooklyn Soft Bra
Brooklyn Soft Bra Sale price$110.00
Brooklyn Lace StringBrooklyn Lace String
Brooklyn Lace String Sale price$55.00
Brooklyn Lace GarterBrooklyn Lace Garter
Brooklyn Lace Garter Sale price$85.00
Cameron GarterCameron Garter
Cameron Garter Sale price$90.00
Cameron Soft BraCameron Soft Bra
Cameron Soft Bra Sale price$110.00
Lucy Quarter Cup BraLucy Quarter Cup Bra
Lucy Quarter Cup Bra Sale price$110.00
Bralette in black floral laceMilano Soft Bralette
Milano Soft Bralette Sale price$105.00
Mia Lace Corset BraMia Lace Corset Bra
Mia Lace Corset Bra Sale price$115.00
Riley Corset BraRiley Corset Bra
Riley Corset Bra Sale price$115.00
Casabella Black BodysuitCasabella Black Bodysuit
Casabella Black Bodysuit Sale price$120.00
Serena Padded BraSerena Padded Bra
Serena Padded Bra Sale price$115.00
Cameron BriefCameron Brief
Cameron Brief Sale price$60.00
Lucy BriefLucy Brief
Lucy Brief Sale price$60.00
Mia Lace StringMia Lace String
Mia Lace String Sale price$55.00
Milano Brazilian StringMilano Brazilian String
Milano Brazilian String Sale price$60.00
Riley StringRiley String
Riley String Sale price$55.00
Serena StringSerena String
Serena String Sale price$55.00
Shona Soft BraShona Soft Bra
Shona Soft Bra Sale price$110.00