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Isn't it about time you brought a little luxury into your everyday life?

Detailed and fashionable, Elusive Luxury Lingerie is filled with beautifully designed bras, briefs and strings, bodysuits, bralettes, corsets, garter-belts, robes and so much more!

Each of these designs are perfect for everyday wear but with touches of fashion detailing and confidence building sass.

If you have ever wanted your lingerie to say a little more about you then our Luxury Collection is the one for you!

Shop our curated range from the worlds favourite lingerie brands & experts.


Shona Brazilian StringShona Brazilian String
Shona Brazilian String Sale price$60.00
Classic white two piece lingerie setAvery Lace Bra Set
Avery Lace Bra Set Sale price$135.00
Willow Sheer Lace BodysuitWillow Sheer Lace Bodysuit
Willow Sheer Lace Bodysuit Sale price$120.00
Ivy Sheer BodysuitIvy Sheer Bodysuit
Ivy Sheer Bodysuit Sale price$120.00
Yvette Padded BraYvette Padded Bra
Yvette Padded Bra Sale price$120.00
Angel Soft BraAngel Soft Bra
Angel Soft Bra Sale price$110.00
Angel BriefAngel Brief
Angel Brief Sale price$60.00
Angel StringAngel String
Angel String Sale price$55.00
Luvae BodysuitLuvae Bodysuit
Luvae Bodysuit Sale price$120.00
Courtney Soft BraCourtney Soft Bra
Courtney Soft Bra Sale price$110.00
Courtney BriefCourtney Brief
Courtney Brief Sale price$60.00
Zara BraletteZara Bralette
Zara Bralette Sale price$105.00
Zara StringZara String
Zara String Sale price$55.00
Simone' BodysuitSimone' Bodysuit
Simone' Bodysuit Sale price$125.00
Giselia BodysuitGiselia Bodysuit
Giselia Bodysuit Sale price$120.00
Luvae 2 Piece Bra SetLuvae 2 Piece Bra Set
Luvae 2 Piece Bra Set Sale price$135.00
Lumi BabydollLumi Babydoll
Lumi Babydoll Sale price$100.00
Raelyn BabydollRaelyn Babydoll
Raelyn Babydoll Sale price$120.00
Aspen BodysuitAspen Bodysuit
Aspen Bodysuit Sale price$120.00
Diyosa Soft Bra SetDiyosa Soft Bra Set
Diyosa Soft Bra Set Sale price$135.00
Chilisa Bra SetChilisa Bra Set
Chilisa Bra Set Sale price$145.00
Chilisa Crotchless BodysuitChilisa Crotchless Bodysuit
Chilisa Crotchless Bodysuit Sale price$120.00
Elianes Soft Bra SetElianes Soft Bra Set
Elianes Soft Bra Set Sale price$135.00
Rosenty BodysuitRosenty Bodysuit
Rosenty Bodysuit Sale price$120.00
Rosenty 3-Piece Soft Bra SetRosenty 3-Piece Soft Bra Set
Bloom Soft Bra SetBloom Soft Bra Set
Bloom Soft Bra Set Sale price$135.00
Lia Bodysuit & Hosiery SetLia Bodysuit & Hosiery Set
Lia Bodysuit & Hosiery Set Sale price$130.00
Helene BriefHelene Brief
Helene Brief Sale price$60.00
Pamela BriefPamela Brief
Pamela Brief Sale price$60.00
Maiden Soft BraMaiden Soft Bra
Maiden Soft Bra Sale price$130.00
Maiden GarterMaiden Garter
Maiden Garter Sale price$90.00
Maiden StringMaiden String
Maiden String Sale price$60.00
Peyton Soft BraPeyton Soft Bra
Peyton Soft Bra Sale price$130.00
Peyton GarterPeyton Garter
Peyton Garter Sale price$90.00
Peyton StringPeyton String
Peyton String Sale price$60.00
Lana Corset BraLana Corset Bra
Lana Corset Bra Sale price$120.00
Lana StringLana String
Lana String Sale price$60.00
Ashley Soft BraAshley Soft Bra
Ashley Soft Bra Sale price$130.00
Ashley GarterAshley Garter
Ashley Garter Sale price$90.00
Ashley StringAshley String
Ashley String Sale price$60.00